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Career Ahead Providing

Answers and Support

to Parents & Guardians


  • Completing the CAO application properly? Most suitable course and college?

  •  Financial supports? Applying for grants;

  • What scholarships are available? Preparation for scholarship interviews

  • How can they best be prepared for moving away from home? 

  • What is a College of Further Education?  How does this lead to third level education?

  • What apprenticeships are available and how do you apply?

  • When students are garda vetted in College; what happen if they have a conviction?

  • How to deal with the range of problems that arise during the college year?

  • How can we make sure they are getting the most from their time in College?

  • How can we find out if they are attending their lectures and keeping up with the work?

  • What will we do if they hate their course and want to drop out? Financial implications.

  • They have missed an exam or failed an exam; what can we?

  • They are now finished College - what should they do now?

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