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Round 4 CAO

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

A total of 922 CAO offers to 886 applicants have beem Round 4, with some students receiving more than one offer.

It includes 485 offers to Leaving Cert candidates whose results improved after coding errors in the calculated grades process were corrected.

Among them were 422 offers for honours degree (Level 8) courses, with a further 75 for ordinary degree/higher certificate (Level 7/6 courses).

It is believed that many of the offers for honours degree programmes were in popular areas such as business, law, teaching and nursing.

The other 401 successful applicants received an offer for a course through the CAO Available Places facility, or because they were next on the waiting list for a course higher on their preference list.

Of these applicants, 267 received a Level 8 offer and 158 received a Level 7/6 offer.

Applicants receiving an offer in this round have until Tuesday October 13 at 3pm to accept it, if they wish to do so.

If a student doesn’t want to accept the new offer, they don’t have to do anything and their previous acceptance will still stand.

Ref Katherine Donnelly

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