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Pre-College, During College & Post-College

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A Bit About the Founder…

Mary Lucey, the Founder of Career Ahead, is a Professional Educational Consultant.  Mary has worked in Education and Career Management for many years in both third level and further education.  She held a wide variety of roles and has enormous insight and experience into the workings, policies and procedures of colleges.    The main focus for Mary has always  been on the individual student - from pre-college; to during college; to after college - and how best to provide advice and support to pave out a student's future career. 


Mary believes the key to success in college and/or in a career is to follow interests and passions so that a person is motivated and excited about their studies and career.  With the enormous insight, knowledge and experience built up; Mary can provide answers to questions and solutions to problems.  She can help students survive college and pave out their "Career Ahead".

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What People Say

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"Mary has led the development of multiple pioneering projects. One of her key strengths is her ability to network with industry so that students can benefit from contemporary courses, opportunities for work eperience and high skills for employabilty. She is also well versed in quality assurance processes, as well as policies for student assessment, exmination and appeals."

Dr Clare Rigg -
Senior Lecturer at University of Liverpool

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diverse group of people celebrating.jpg